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International transport and logistics services in Moldova

The Republic of Moldova has been on the path of globalization and the need to develop integration processes in the field of production and distribution in the world economy for more than 30 years. Cooperation with the World Trade Organization is a priority task for the development of the country, namely, improving the competitiveness and efficiency of all sectors of the national economy.

The global trend of increasing the mobility of commodity exchange determines the need to improve cargo transportation technologies and the provision of related logistics services. Gradalogistic SRL is an international transport company in Chisinau, operating exclusively with a serious approach to the study of the current market of transport and logistics services, analysis of international experience in multimodal and avia freight and support of foreign economic activity.

International cargo freight in Moldova of Gradologistic are a set of experience, necessary knowledge and accounting data that substantiate the relevance and expediency of the integrated development of the transport industry of Moldova, including the daily modernization of transport infrastructure, a broad analysis of problems and prospects for the implementation of the existing transit potential of the country.

Using our convenient resource, you can order foreign trade support services in Chisinau and get advice and all the important information for you. The transfer by manufacturers of part or all of the functions of cargo delivery to a specialized company is a modern and cost-effective form of interaction between participants in the logistics chain. An integrated approach in the provision of freight forwarding, financial, organizational and information services provide competitive advantages to third-party operators over highly specialized companies.

Freeing up time, saving money and reducing logistics costs enhances the competitiveness of both suppliers and consumers who turn to logistics outsourcing services. You can find out the prices for transport and logistics services in Moldova from our employees by calling us at any time.

Based on the above, Gradalogistic is a reliable and experienced partner in the support of foreign trade related to foreign trade and the export and import of goods. In many aspects, foreign economic activity is more difficult than working in the domestic market. When deciding to start an export or import activity, you need to understand that you will need in-depth knowledge and skills that Gradalogistic professionals can provide you with.

By contacting us, you will immediately get acquainted with our services, namely:

  1. complex freight of goods
  2. multimodal logistics services
  3. railway transportation of goods
  4. road logistics services
  5. international customs brokerage services