• Our service
    • Placement of goods under various customs procedures, customs clearance
    • Provision of preliminary calculations regarding the necessary customs payments
    • Completion of declarations in hard copy and in electronic form
    • Participation in customs inspection
    • Preparation of a customs value declaration DVV
    • Registration of the customs procedure calculation form PV-1
    • Providing a bank guarantee for certain customs regimes
    • Customer’s representation before customs authorities
    • Information support
  • Our competitive advantages
    • Availability of licenses and bank guarantee
    • Registration and filling in of TIR Carnet, CMR, invoice, ST-1, Euro-1, authorizations for temporary import/export, determination of TNVED (CN FEA) codes, etc.
    • High professional level of employees
    • More than 10 years of experience in the market
    • Responsibility for the correct execution of customs obligations according to the documents provided by the customer
  • Your bonuses
    • Monitoring of documents: verification of documents for completeness, compliance of documents with each other, correct filling in
    • Briefing on the customs clearance requirements and procedure: a list of necessary documents, assistance in execution, etc.
    • Providing information on the procedure for payment/exemption from payment of customs charges
    • Consultation on rates for customs clearance and customs laws (taxes, duties, fees, excise taxes, etc.)

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