• Our service
    • Placement of goods under various customs procedures, customs clearance
    • Provision of preliminary calculations regarding the necessary customs payments
    • Completion of declarations in hard copy and in electronic form
    • Participation in customs inspection
    • Preparation of a customs value declaration DVV
    • Registration of the customs procedure calculation form PV-1
    • Providing a bank guarantee for certain customs regimes
    • Customer’s representation before customs authorities
    • Information support
  • Our competitive advantages
    • Availability of licenses and bank guarantee
    • Registration and filling in of TIR Carnet, CMR, invoice, ST-1, Euro-1, authorizations for temporary import/export, determination of TNVED (CN FEA) codes, etc.
    • High professional level of employees
    • More than 10 years of experience in the market
    • Responsibility for the correct execution of customs obligations according to the documents provided by the customer
  • Your bonuses
    • Monitoring of documents: verification of documents for completeness, compliance of documents with each other, correct filling in
    • Briefing on the customs clearance requirements and procedure: a list of necessary documents, assistance in execution, etc.
    • Providing information on the procedure for payment/exemption from payment of customs charges
    • Consultation on rates for customs clearance and customs laws (taxes, duties, fees, excise taxes, etc.)
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International customs brokerage services in Moldova

Gradalogistic is your irreplaceable assistant in matters of customs clearance of goods in Chisinau, which is a whole range of services related to both the physical movement of goods and the fulfillment of a number of formalities that necessarily accompany international freight.

Often, customs clearance of transit goods in Moldova does not begin at the moment when your cargo is waiting for a declaration at the terminal. There are cases when the customs border crossing point and the customs clearance point do not coincide, and then the goods follow the customs clearance point under the customs transit procedure. And in order to properly arrange transit, it is necessary that the invoice and invoice are filled out without errors. One incorrectly placed comma, an error of one kilogram, can lead to the most unpleasant consequences.

There are rules of the organization, thanks to which it may be necessary to label or additionally pack your product so that it does not crash on the way, and that’s not all. International customs and logistics services in Chisinau have a number of, at first glance, small details that, with insufficient attention, can grow into an avalanche of problems. In order for everything to go smoothly, without unnecessary downtime and overpayments, we carry out freight forwarding. We will safely guide you through all the logistical vicissitudes of international deliveries.

Gradalogistic is also freight forwarding services in Moldova using all types of transport and in all major directions of cargo flow, we will provide a full range of freight forwarding services, which includes:

  • working out the route of cargo movement
  • door-to-door delivery anywhere
  • marking in warehouses abroad
  • marking in a customs warehouse
  • consolidated shipments
  • option for multimodal transportation
  • regular tracking and notification of cargo status

Use our convenient website, you will be able to order international customs brokerage services in Chisinau from our leading specialists and receive the full scope of assistance in such matters, starting with customs clearance of goods in the shortest possible time, both export and import. It would not be superfluous to find out the prices for customs clearance of any goods and foreign trade consulting services.

By contacting us, you will immediately get acquainted with our services, namely:

  1. complex freight of goods
  2. multimodal logistics services
  3. railway transportation of goods
  4. road logistics services

Transport and logistics services in Moldova — Gradalogistic!


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