• Our service includes
    • Integrated services aimed at the transportation of goods by any means of transport, full support and documentation
    • Development of an optimal route for cargo delivering
    • Consolidation and transportation of groupage cargo
    • Optimization of transportation costs
    • Transloading at points of change of direction or means of transport
    • Relevant control at every stage of transportation
    • Coordination and agreement of actions of all parties involved in the organization of the transportation process
    • Management and implementation of loading, unloading and reloading operations
  • Our competitive advantages
    • Development and implementation of project or non-standard deliveries: transportation of dangerous goods, transportation of goods in bulk, transportation of goods with temperature conditions, transportation of goods using thermo-bag, etc.
    • More than 20-year experience in the market of transport services
    • Organization of cargo transportation on the “one-stop-shop” principle
    • Flexible pricing
    • Organization of cargo insurance at all stages of transportation
    • Communication with suppliers and coordination of shipment issues
  • Your bonuses
    • Tailored consultation on logistics
    • Consultation on the correctness of filling in of the transport documentation
    • Enhancing the Customer’s logistics department without increasing the number of its employees
    • Verification of documents for completeness, compliance with other documents and correctness of filling in
    • For loyal and new customers – free customs clearance of goods is possible
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One-stop-shop complex logistics services in Moldova

Complex solutions and complex freight services of goods in Chisinau from Gradalogistic are always based on expert research of the peculiarities of the transport and logistics services market and the main directions of their development. The role and place of trucks in the logistics chain of goods movement as the main short-range transport also plays a role.

In the process of complex transportation of goods in Moldova, trends in different directions in the development of cargo freight by road were formulated. The main providers providing logistics services in the context of the development of integration processes were presented. The analysis of the goals and objectives of the participants in the logistics chain revealed the disunity of their economic interests and contradictions arising during their interaction.

Please note that now Gradalogistic customers can use the universal complex service Grada Global Trade in Chisinau, which will save time and money on the execution of several contracts, the search for individual providers of transport logistics, customs clearance and other processes of the logistics chain.

The Grada Global Trade service is a specific turnkey solutions and turnkey complex freight in Moldova, which includes international transportation, customs brokerage services and all the required logistics procedures for the transportation of goods under one contract. It also includes compliance with the principle of a “one-stop-shop” through one manager, so that you will get rid of the need to spend more time than you need to process several contracts.

The organization of complex transportation services in Chisinau and the complex of logistics services assumes that the implementation of the proposed directions for consolidating the actions of participants in the logistics chain and the use of IT technologies for business process management will allow obtaining competitive advantages from the services provided. This gives a chance to improve the quality of services, optimize the costs of participants and reduce the cost of freight.

Due to this, the requirements imposed by consumers to logistics services were outlined and the tasks of logistics services in supply chain management were formulated. The prices for one-stop-shop complex freight in Moldova have also been approved. Currently, trends in the development of logistics services in the domestic market are being analyzed.

Having analyzed all the trends in the moldavian and international markets, Gradalogistic’s mission is based on offering technological and high-quality services. This gives reason to consider it a reliable partner for any client who needs to order turnkey complex transportation of goods in Chisinau and the rest of the complex of transport and logistics services.

By contacting us, you will immediately get acquainted with our services, namely:

  1. multimodal logistics services
  2. railway transportation of goods
  3. road logistics services
  4. international customs brokerage services

Transport and logistics services in Moldova – Gradalogistic!