• Our service
    • Organization of cargo delivery by all means of transport
    • Organization of delivery of groupage cargo
    • Search for the optimal offer for cargo delivery by all means of transport
    • Contacting and coordination of delivery with the supplier/owner of the cargo anywhere in the world to the customer’s warehouse
    • Assistance in completion of all documents necessary for delivery in close contact with the consignor
    • Control of cargo movement en route, support in advancement in case of cargo delay
    • Organization of cargo storage in the port (at the customer’s request)
    • Organization of intra-port forwarding and terminal services in the port (loading and unloading, etc.)
    • Ensuring delivery as soon as possible
    • Providing a financial guarantee through the territory of Ukraine
    • Providing cargo insurance
    • Arranging an independent expertise (survey services)
    • Assistance in resolving issues in ports
    • Тел.: +373 22 207 305

  • Our competitive advantages
    • High professional level of employees
    • Flexible pricing system
    • Fair execution of agreed delivery terms and conditions
    • Selection of the best solutions for deliveries of any complexity
    • Organization of transportation under the “one-stop-shop” principle
    • Organization of non-standard deliveries: transportation of dangerous goods, bulk cargo transportation, cargo transportation with temperature conditions, cargo transportation with using thermo-bag, etc.
    • Concluding one agreement for using several means of transport
    • Тел.: +373 22 207 305

  • Your bonuses
    • Verification of documents for completeness, compliance with other documents and correctness of filling in
    • Cargo monitoring during customs inspection or stuffin
    • For loyal and new customers – free customs clearance of goods is possible
    • Consultancy for the correctness of filling in of transport documentation and possibility of delivery
    • Тел.: +373 22 207 305

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Multimodal logistics services in Moldova

Sea container freight in Chisinau is a modern service that is in demand where it is impossible to do with one type of transport. Delivery of goods from another continent or to remote areas of the country becomes faster and cheaper if you use the multimodal freight services from the Gradalogistic transport and logistics company.

Multimodal transportation services in Moldova are a combination of land, sea and air transport, the choice of which depends on the required deadlines and budget. It is worth making a not unimportant emphasis on sea and container freight services, not forgetting about international air freight of goods. At the present stage of the development of sea transportation of goods, it is worth noting that due to the expansion of transport lines in terminal operations, competition between carriers is increasing.

It is established that the development and organization of container freight of goods in Chisinau is facilitated by the growth of economic activity in the field of logistics and freight of goods by sea, the restructuring of the supply chain in favor of large ships and carrier alliances. Also, this is facilitated by the introduction of modern digital technologies and modernization of transport infrastructure, the latest shipbuilding and economic integration, and other innovations.

This gives a number of advantages, such as the ability to optimize transportation costs, speed up the delivery process if necessary and optimal construction of long-distance routes. Gradalogistic company guarantees all its customers the most profitable and convenient sea transportation of goods in Moldova, as well as other international cargo transportation. We work with absolutely all ports of the world, we have especially good relations with our Ukrainian, Romanian and Polish partners, namely, cooperation with ports from such cities as Odessa, Constanta, Gdansk, Gdynia and others.

To order international container freight in Chisinau means to give you the opportunity not to worry about the little things and difficulties that may arise. We take care of:

  • delivery of the vehicle for loading;
  • creation of the optimal route and selection of suitable transport;
  • verification and registration of accompanying documents;
  • loading and unloading operations;
  • goods insurance and delivery to the specified address;
  • assistance in customs clearance of goods.

On our website you can get all the necessary information in the field of multimodal transportation services, use the advice of our specialists and request sea and container logistics services, as well as find out prices for multimodal freight in Moldova.

By contacting us, you will immediately get acquainted with our services, namely:

  1. complex freight of goods
  2. railway transportation of goods
  3. road logistics services
  4. international customs brokerage services

Transport and logistics services in Moldova – Gradalogistic!